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Expert real estate consultants

The Puglia real estate market can be fraught with problems, with properties that have cadastral errors, non-conformities and other technical oversights or properties that need a thorough renovation. Our experience combined with the wide range of contacts allow us to solve various problems, providing a personalized service in total discretion.

ApulianLife is a real estate agency specialized in the search for off-market villas, historic buildings, masserie and trulli. We help interested buyers to find the right property in Puglia, negotiate the best price and supervise the negotiation until the end. We are real estate agents and property finders for local and international clients among the most experienced in the sector in Puglia.


Professional advice

To search for properties in line with customers needs without wasting time and without additional costs; assistance for the entire duration of the negotiation until the signing of the notarial deed.


Accompanied visits

With a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each property and trading services.


Technical and tax consultancy

Advice on mortgage practice at major banking institutions; retrieval and verification of chamber and cadastral documents and town planning / building practices.


After-sales assistance

Consultancy and support for restructuring in order to transform the property into a prestigious accommodation facility.

Non hai trovato quello che cercavi?

The advantages to choosing Apulian Life for the search for masserie, trulli and luxury villas in Puglia

  • We offer an exclusive property search service such as masserie, trulli and villas according to your needs, without offering you houses that do not respond to your requests and without wasting time.


  • Only one interlocutor from start to finish, or until the signing of the notarial deed.


  • The property search and purchase will be simple and stress-free.


  • Our mission is to find your new dream home in Puglia.

Our experience is tested! Request a free consultation

The property finding service is tailor-made and we will be happy to talk about it in more detailed way. For more information on our property finding service, please contact us today: book a consultation by filling out the form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


VAT number 02698170749


72015 - FASANO (BR) - ITALY


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