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Do you want to reduce the time it takes to sell your property and obtain a higher price?

Reduce the time it takes to sell a property

How can I reduce the time it takes to sell my property?

When selling a property, the timing - that is, the period of time needed to find the buyer - is one of the crucial aspects to consider.

As I explained in more detail in an article dedicated to the harmful consequences of a property staying on the market for too long, when the sales time is extended, the property risks devaluing by up to 30%.

Naturally, this data can vary depending on the area in which the property is located, the conditions and other aspects relating to it.

The solution: Home Staging

Today I want to talk to you about a marketing strategy that can help avoid an extension of the sales or rental times of a property, a very popular strategy but which is not very widespread if not non-existent: home staging.

Home staging refers to all those activities that have the aim of aesthetically improving the property to be offered to the public. Small but significant precautions that affect the look of the property to make it more attractive.

A premise. It is now customary for buyers, before viewing a property in person, to carry out a pre-selection online on sector portals.

In light of this clarification, you will understand well how the image of the object you want to propose must be at the top and must therefore be showcased with photographs that arouse pleasant sensations in the observer.

Is staging a real renovation? No. Staging consists of a series of ordinary maintenance interventions that do not require building permits and, consequently, is much cheaper and much faster than a renovation.

Wanting to simplify the concept even further, staging is a make-up session to make your property more "fascinating" in photos and videos.

What are the concrete effects of staging? The sales time for a staged property is reduced by 77.2% compared to the average, while the rental time decreases by 96.7%.

I want to close with a gem that will remove any doubts about the effectiveness of this marketing strategy: home staging arouses a greater willingness on the part of potential buyers to make a higher financial offer for your property.

For this reason, we at Apulian Life have equipped ourselves with a home stager within our staff, to provide this precious service. See who I'm talking about, here.

If you want more details on this strategy and how to best apply it, contact me and I will give you all the information about it.

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